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The translation service is interrupted, we're investigating

Apr 03 at 10:39am CEST
Affected services

Apr 18 at 04:04am CEST

Our new translation model has been successfully released to all accounts with translation features enabled as part of the OneTake 5.8 update.

Apr 17 at 12:17pm CEST

We are rolling out the new Translation model to all th accounts that have translation enabled, as part of OneTake 5.8. It's going to take only a few more hours to finish the release!

Apr 12 at 11:25am CEST

We have identified the source of the problem and we're migrating our service to a different infrastructure. We will also be updating to a better visual model at the same time (as we release OneTake 5.8). Service will resume this Tuesday, April 16th with the upgraded video translation quality!

Apr 03 at 10:39am CEST

Our servers which host the translation services are currently unresponsive. We are investigating with the data center to figure out why and restore service as soon as possible.